How to choose the correct hair color

Choosing the correct hair color can sometimes be a daunting task, and things don’t always turn out the way we thought it would. The vivid red we saw in the magazine that made the model look so alive and young may actually turn us into looking like we emptied the tomato sauce from our refrigerator all over our hair, and to make things worse we might end up looking much older than we actually are!!! That’s because we didn’t take the time to think about which hair color is the right one, which color would go with our skin tone. The perfect hair color will not only make you look much more alive, it will bring out your features, your beautiful eyes will become a tool of attraction, and your smile will leave those who pass you mesmerised, not forgetting that it will complement your skin tone, you might end up looking like a million dollars. So all this being said here’s what you should consider before rocking up at your local salon.


This is the basics of choosing the correct hair color, if you get this wrong then everything else will go downhill from here. But don’t stress, if you follow these steps you will certainly be on the right track.

If you’re warm skinned you either fall into one of two categories Summer or Autumn, and if you’re cool skinned you’re either Spring or Winter. The list below will help you determine which season you belong to.


  • Does your skin glow, and are you a sun kissed women with an olive skin tone?
  • Are your eyes golden brown or a mesmerizing mix of hazel and green with complementary gold sparks that make you look like an ancient goddess, or are your eyes anything near a golden or caramel brown?
  • Is your natural hair colour anything from a deep chocolate brown to an intense rich dark brown?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then I’m glad to inform you that Autumn is definitely your category.  Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria fall into this category and it’s actually the most popular.


  • Honey blonde
  • Copper and caramel tones
  • Deep and rich Auburns
  • Chocolate brown
  • Golden blonde with soft honey tones


  • Ash blonde
  • Pink, purple, blue, and violent undertones
  • Light blondes


  • Do you have a golden or olive skin tone, the kind that when you tan, your skin appears bronzed, almost as if you have a rich skin tone?
  • The good thing is that an autumn can have any eye color although a hazel brown appears to be the typical one.
  • Generally born with brown hair.

If these characteristics match yours then you are indeed a summer. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Shakira and Gisele Bundchen are also part of this category.


  • Honey colors
  • Toffee
  • Champagne blonde
  • Rich golden blonde
  • Light caramel blonde
  • Generally light colors
  • Honey & Butter platinum


  • Black or any other dark color
  • No greens, blues and violent
  • Ash brown or blonde

If you haven’t found your match as yet just take a deep breath in and, release there are still two major categories remaining. Being a cool tone gal means you’re either a spring or winter.


  • You are fair skinned you can tan but not as easily as a summer or autumn can.
  • Your eyes are also light and most of the time it’s an extra light green, blue, hazel or gold brown-almost as if you’re peeking through a honey jar.
  • You were born with super light hair, generally blonde.

If these characteristics match yours, you are a spring. Celebrities in this category include Taylor Swift, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Bosworth.


  • Ashy blonde
  • Ashy brown
  • Platinum blonde
  • Light and icy blondes


  • Big no, no to golden brown
  • No honey blondes


  • You have very light skin with pink undertones.
  • Usually born with dark hair, black to be more specific.
  • Your eyes are jewel toned, very dark brown which looks black, or blue, green, emerald, or dark blue eyes.
  • Don’t tan easily.
  • Celebrities that fall into this category are Megan Fox, Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry.


  • Extremely dark brown or black
  • Jet black
  • Jewel tones
  • White blonde
  • Dark red


  • Caramel or honey
  • Golden blonde
  • Copper red

I really hope that these tips have helped you, now that you know which tone you are its time to determine where you’re going to get your hair dyed, if you thought you can do it at home I want you to scrap that thought, doing it yourself might be cheaper than going to a salon, but think about the consequences of doing it yourself. You could end up with uneven amounts of color all over your hair and you scalp might turn out to absorb more color than your hair actually does.


The amount of care a professional hair salon will offer you is worth the price. Your hair is the most important part of your look break it and you’ll look like Cinderella being ordered around by her step mother and sisters, and do it right and you’ll end up looking like Cinderella at the ball. Hair salons are expensive I know but it’s worth the investment. Buying a boxed hair dyed from your local supermarket just might do the trick but that’s if you want your best friend to notice your hair after you’ve told them you dyed it, but having a professional hair salon to do the job will have you turning heads in no time.

Where you dye your hair isn’t the only important aspect you need to consider, the type of products you use to retain your color is important to.  I personally recommend Tresemme, they have products that you can easily access, and the best part is that they’re affordable and really of salon quality. Not only does their shampoo’s retain your color, it leaves your hair looking shiny and soft and smelling great.

Once you’ve dyed your hair you might find that it seems to have gotten much more dry than it was before you dyed it, if you experience this it’s great to use argan shampoo’s and oils. I personally use argan products and it really helps no matter how frizzy and dry your hair maybe it ensures you retain a calm and silky look, if you haven’t tried it you’re wasting time, literally.


You may notice that after you’ve dyed your hair it can get pretty dry, the drier it gets the more damaged it is. You have to react fast or you’ll no longer have any hair left just a bunch of dry grass. Hair moisturizer can be tricky because it might not always do what the label says that’s why I recommend these homemade moisturizer, they’re pretty easy to make and it won’t cost you a fortune and most importantly ladies, (drum roll please) it actually works!!!


Got some ripe avocados or bananas you were thinking of scraping, don’t! these two ingredients could save you from crispy hair.

Simply mash the avocado until it resembles a smooth paste, then add a teaspoon of olive oil, and half a teaspoon of honey and you’ve got the best hair moisture mask anyone could sell you. Spread this evenly on your hair, leave for 25-30 minutes and rinse of. Remember to do this after you’ve shampooed, it will act as a conditioner and leave your hair looking shiny and smooth. For best results you should do this twice a week for about a month. I promise you’ll see big results. Since avocados aren’t always in season you can substitute it with ripe bananas.


If you’re looking for a bounce and moisture at the same time then egg’s your best bet. This is actually a proven fact no wonder so many hair care brands are coming up with egg shampoo. All you have to do is take one or two eggs depending on how much hair you’ve got, and separate the whites from the yolk. Beat the egg whites until it resembles a cloudy look and slowly fold into the yolk/s then before you shampoo spread this around your hair, wait for an hour and rinse with lukewarm water, remember if the waters to hot you’ll end up with breakfast in bathroom and not in bed. You will see results immediately.


Hot oil treatment, don’t freak out it’s not as bad as you think. All you have to do is heat about half a cup of coconut oil in a microwave for about 20-30 seconds then you oil your hair and scalp to the best of your ability, then take a towel and soak it in boiling water for about 3-4 minutes squeeze and wrap your hair for half an hour, thereafter soak the towel again this time for a minute more than before and wrap your hair for another half hour. Thereafter shampoo your hair and rinse with lukewarm water, the final rinse should be with really cold water. Washing your hair with extremely hot water denatures the protein in your hair hence the dry dead looking bushy mess.


After you’ve showered never, and I mean never ever rub your hair in a towel, this damages your hair and makes it dry and brittle looking, instead you should smack your hair across your palm, this rids of the excess water. once your hair has dried you’ll notice a difference, the ends won’t look as if it survived a storm, and you might like the look it creates.


If you’re getting older and your hair is a really light color you might want to think of changing it, it’s not because it’s inappropriate but rather that it will make you looked washed out. As we get older we develop wrinkles and our skin becomes lighter. Being a really light blonde for example might add on to your age, and worse it might make you less attractive, your hair will no longer be the center of attention due to its dull color, which means people will begin to notice those little wrinkles forming underneath your eyes and on your forehead.

Once you’re older it no longer matters if you’re a cool or warm skin tone, because it’s the time for change. Once the wrinkles appear you should go for a brown shade either a soft golden brown or a chocolate brown it really doesn’t matter.


According to studies people can determine their skin tone (warm or cool) by looking at the on their arm under natural light. If the vein appears to be blue, then you’re cool skinned and if it’s green you’re actually warm skinned. This article is meant to help you determine which hair color is the right one for you, but remember that it isn’t meant to tell you what to do. If you feel that there is a color you should try then go for it, because you’ll only be satisfied if you’ve try it out yourself, don’t let people tell you which color is right for you, choose it yourself because you are your own boss and your hair color should be something that expresses who you are, it literally screams your personality. If you’re a wild personality I don’t think a light blonde would be the best fit, maybe a red would be a better choice. I hope that you enjoy the home hair masks and please let me know if it’s helping you by commenting in the comments box below. I wish you all the luck in finding your perfect hair color. Thanks for reading loves.




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