What brows say about our personality ?


Our personality can be determined by the way we speak, behave towards others, laugh and even by the clothes we wear or by the hair color we chose, but according to studies your eyebrows can be a pretty accurate way of determining the type of person you are. The function of the brow is to prevent dust and dirt particles from entering your eyes, but it seems that the world of fashion and beauty has found a new function for our brows. We all know that our eyes are the mirror to our souls and our brows the frame of the face, but your brow arch isn’t just an arch any longer, it’s a reflection of your personality. Here’s a list of brow types and the personality traits they reflect:


The curved brow:

This brow type dips slightly at the beginning of the brow and as the middle approaches it rises and dips once more to create a perfect arch. This brow type complements the cheekbones by making it seem higher than it actually is, hence giving the person a highly confident attitude. Those who have this brow type are regarded as CREATIVE. Celebrities who represent this brow type include:

  • Salma Hayek
  • Halle Berry
  • Sophia Loren
  • Raquel Welsh
  • Helena Christiansen
  • Janet Jackson

The round brow:

The round brow curves all the way from the beginning until the end without creating an arch. This brow type presents a good amount of space between the eye and the eyebrow which makes it perfect for shadow application. Those who have this brow shape are regarded as being DETERMINED. celebrities who represent this brow type include:

  • Sharon Stone
  • Julia Roberts
  • Liza Kudrow
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Mariah Carey


Straight brows have no curve or arch whatsoever, it generally represents a line. Usually the shape is chosen by those who have a long face as it makes the face look shorter and gives an overall oval shape. It is also used as a tool to those who possess large eyes, the straighter your brow the larger your eyes will seem, hence more attention will be drawn to it. Those who have this brow type are said to be CONFIDENT & ASSERTIVE. Celebrities that rock this shape are:

  • Brooke shields
  • Natalie Portman
  • Juliette Binoche


Angled brows are very striking and sharp looking. It always starts with an upward slope then it dips down to create a perfectly defined arch. It creates a youthful look and makes the eye look much sharper, it’s perfect for someone who has a wide face but wants a slenderer look. Those who have this brow type are regarded as SENSITIVE & PRIVATE. Celebrities who have this brow shape are:

  • Cameron Diaz
  • Kate Moss
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

The shorter brow:

If you’re short browed then you are regarded as someone who doesn’t really handle stress very well, you prefer the free environment where you can chill and do things at your own pace. You’re more likely to be an introvert.


If you’ve got long brows you’re literally the opposite of someone who has short eyebrows. You can handle stress extremely well, you like being on top of things especially at work, a competitive environment is your thing. You’re passionate about helping others and you love your friends very much.

The above brow types are regarded as the most popular and most desired shapes, however there are various other types of brows that are prevalent in the world of fashion and beauty. For example, the BUSHY BROW: This brow type is associated with an excess of male hormones with gives the impression of high sexual interests, an example of this brow type is famous model, Cara Delevigne. Those who have a THIN BROW are regarded as being a gentle personality, such as Charlize Theron.

Those who have HIGH BROWS are generally the dreamers, and those who have a LOW BROW are regarded as people who often don’t have time for others.

I’m sure that after reading the above information you’re pretty informed about what your eyebrows say about you. Whilst some may simply let their brows grow, others think about shaping them. Determining your brow shape is important but it’s not as important as where you’re going to have it done. You basically have two options, either you go to a salon that will charge you a fortune to have your brows done, not forgetting that you’ll need to return when your brows grow again which could be every three-four weeks, or you do it yourself and save yourself loads of cash. Since we’re ordinary people and not Kylie and gang our best bet would be to do our brows by ourselves. Just take a deep breath in and read the steps below, with a few practise sessions you should be able to shape your brows on your own.

STEP 1: Determine your face shape. There are four basic face shapes, you’re definitely one of them:

  • The round face: if you’ve got a round face then a round brow is not the thing for you, unless you’re aiming for your face to look like the FIFA soccer ball don’t go for the round brow, instead aim for something that has a high arch, this will ensure your face has a slightly slim look.
  • The square face: Having a square face means you’re pretty lucky, it is after all the most desired face shape. A square shaped face is always complemented well by sharp angled brows or soft curved brows. Whatever you do don’t go for a short or thin brow.
  • The oval face: this face shape goes well with soft-curved brows and flat/straight brows.
  • Heart-shaped face: women with this face shape should go for a round brow with a low arch. Avoid high arched brows as it tends to make the face seem longer than it actually is.

STEP 2: So now that you’ve determined your face shape it’s time to mark the main parts of your brows. Using a pencil or a thin make-up brush do the following.

  • First place the pencil or make-up brush along the side of your nose, (the outer part of the nostril) this should be the starting point of your eyebrow, doing this correctly will ensure that the gap between your brows is just right.
  • Secondly place the pencil or make-up brush along the side of your nose, but this time hold it at an angle so that it crosses the pupil. This marks the point where the arch should be (the highest point).
  • Lastly angle the pencil or make-up brush such that it is in line with the end of your eye, this marks where your brow should end.

STEP 3: Now that you’ve worked out where all the little details should be its time decide which method you’re going to use. Either threading, plucking or waxing.

PLUCKING: This is one of the best ways to get your brows looking great, with every hair in place. Using this method means you’ve got to invest in a good quality tweezer. Cheap tweezers could lead to your hair breaking. When using this method, it’s always good to draw the shape you want, and remember to never pluck all the hair at one go, always take a step back to see if things are going the way you planned.

  • After tweezer the skin can get pretty red, always keep an ice pack nearby to sooth the burning feeling and reduce the redness.
  • Once you’re done plucking there’s only one thing left to do, using an old mascara brush (one that’s been cleaned and dried) comb the beginning of your brow upwards to trim of excess hair this will ensure that your brows don’t just look like a lump of hair. The fan of your brow will look neat and tamed.

Make-up. Eyebrow Makeup. Eyes

THREADING: Threading is an ancient Indian way of hair removal, honestly it’s the best method to do your brows and upper lip because it will ensure you get the best results no matter what. Remember the saying, ‘‘No pain, no gain’’ well that’s exactly what to expect from threading. When you sit down at a beauty parlour and you chose a threading pack here’s what to expect.

  • Generally, you’ll be confronted with a second pair of hairs that will pull your skin in order to make it tight, this is so that the beautician can work on your brows properly. If you’re going to thread by yourself tie a scarf to your head such that no hair is exposed along your forehead, this will also make your skin a little tight and create a better working area.
  • Threading usually removes one line of hair at a time, during this process your eyes can begin to tear up and don’t be surprised if you let out a sneeze or two.
  • Be sure to remove all make-up and moisturizer from your skin as it could cause the hairs to stick to your skin making it difficult to see what is going on, it can also make it difficult to remove the hair.
  • Once you’re done you will never use another eyebrow shaping method again. Your skin will look clean and every hair will be in place. The only thing you might have to worry about is the redness.
  • Normally the redness shouldn’t last for more than an hour, simply hold an ice pack on the red spot or wash your face with cold water.
  • Never apply make-up directly after threading as it will clog your pores and could even lead to spots. Instead wait for a few hours before applying any sort of make-up around the threaded area.


WAXING: This is the least popular method to eyebrow shaping. It tends to give all sorts of skin irritations and many times leads to irreversible mistakes. On many occasions it causes skin burns and as time passes leads to uneven skin tone. However, it could be a quick emergency method if done correctly. Here’s a few things to consider before you decide to wax any part of your face.

  • Never burn yourself, always apply a little wax on your wrist to ensure it’s not too hot.
  • Place the wax in the correct place or else you’ll end up removing the wrong hairs, if this ever happens rinse the area with warm water until the wax begins to soften again this will ensure you can remover the wax without taking out any hair.


STEP 4: WHAT DO IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG: if you unintentionally remove a hair from your brow don’t panic, it happens all the time and here’s what you can do to fix it:

  • Fill in your brows, this isn’t as tricky as most people make it out to be, all your need is an angular brow brush, a brow pencil, an old mascara brush and some eye shadow.
  • First make sure the shadow color you choose is almost the tone of your hair, choosing a color far from your hair color will make your brows look unnatural. A shade lighter or darker should be fine.
  • Comb your brows with the mascara brush then using your brow pencil make upward strokes on the area where you’ve mistakenly removed hair.
  • Thereafter if you’d like to fill your brows and make it seem thick than it actually is outline the top and bottom edge of your brow before filling it in with eye shadow.

filling eyebrow

Just one more thing: Have you notice how celebrities have gone from no brows to beautifully crafted brows. Well it’s no magic that much I can assure you, it because of a process called microblading. Microblading is basically a process where pigment is used to create the illusion of hair, it’s similar to a tattoo, in fact it’s a mild version of it.The process causes bleeding that’s why experts recommend those who wish to have the treatment done stop drinking, taking aspirin and using retinol at least a week before their appointment. It’s not a painful treatment it simply feels like little scratches, and besides numbing creams are applied before the treatment begins. The process can cost up to 1000$ but those who’ve had it done say it’s worth it. you aren’t allowed to add any sort of moisture around the area and the effect could last a good three years, with occasional visits to your Microblading doctor that is. So if you’ve got thin brows and you’ve always dreamt of thick fuller brows than Microblading is for you.

Thank you all for reading this post if you have any suggestions or complements please leave a comment below. I hope this post has helped you and I look forward to writing yet another great post very soon.





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