Ten make-up trends rocking 2017

It’s important to always keep up with fashion and beauty trends. Here are the top ten beauty trends of 2017.

  1. THE STRAIGHT BOYISH BROWS: This year it’s all about the simple straight brow, if you’re into overdone brows and you want your look to be one with the fashion trends then I suggest you scrap the thought of high arched drawn brows. Give your brow pencil, powder and tweezer a rest, instead reach for a brow gel that will hold your brows in place and give you that straight youthful brow look.


2.MONOCHROMATIC: The 2017 runway is all about monochromatic looks, matching your lip color, eyes and blush is a huge do. And if you’re wondering what colours are trending then all you have to know is the that the rainbow has seven colors and all these colors are up for major play.


3.BURGUNDY MASCARA: red undertones and eyes are definitely something you WANT to try, yes you read right, red undertones and eyes are trending to the max. go for red mascaras that’s tone stands out in natural light.


4.LIP GLOSS: For the past few year’s matte lipsticks have been trending no stop, but this year it’s all about lip gloss, the glossier the better. Wearing lip gloss creates a fresh look.


5.BLACK EYE LINER: usually the color of eyeliner you choose depends on your eye color, but this year black eyeliner is taking over it creates a wild fierce look that most woman wouldn’t mind having.

5040814d94964497a281b352a15f429f6.PINK: 2017 is all about pink make-up, according to make-up artists pink is the new neutral. Pink lips, eyeshadows and blush is all in his year so rock it.


7.HEAVY METAL: the runway is going all out when it comes to metal and chrome eyeshadows, it’s a great pop of energy to any look.


8.LIQUID EYELINER: if you thought liquid eyeliner was a medium that would eventually fade then take a sip of coffee and think again, shimmery liquid eyeliner is a huge do this year so don’t be shocked when you see evil Anne next door rock the shimmer.


9.DIMENSIONAL LIPS: why is everyone jazzing up their lips with glitter and ombre tones, if you’re asking this question then there’s only one reply because it’s trending like coffee in a cone, if you’re looking for a great statement piece to jazz your outfit forget it, instead go for glittered statement lip.


10.NATURAL SKIN: if you’re looking for some make-up artist to contour your face don’t bother spending a fortune finding someone, this year it’s all about letting your skin breath. Foundation with no contouring is in right now, it creates a no make-up look if left alone.


Thanks for reading loves, I hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.      


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