10 Accessories every woman should own

We all know accessories play a vital role in our lives, it can either make or break a look. But doing it right will make you the ultimate fashion icon amongst your friends. Here are ten amazing accessories that every woman should have in her closet:

  1. Statement necklace: a statement necklace can undoubtedly turn any boring outfit into a sophisticated look, take a simple black dress for example, a statement necklace will enhance your look and create attention to your upper body, this is great for someone who is pear shaped and wishes to create a balance between her upper and lower body. Go for a trending bib necklace made of pearls or metal beads.


2.Sunglasses: what’s an outfit without a killer pair of sunglasses, having this item is so necessary it’s like coffee in the morning. The trick to choosing the correct pair is the bigger the better but be sure not to choose something to overpowering. If you’re a brunette go for a black frame.


3.Statement bangle: every woman must have a bold bangle; it creates a modern look. And can work just as well as a statement necklace, charms are also in so go for something that will decorate your wrist.


4.Cross body bags: slings trended but now it’s all about cross body bags, it allows you the freedom to text, run without the worry of your bag falling off and it creates the look of someone with a great fashion sense.


5.Tassel earring: if you know anything about fashion you’ll know that the world is going crazy about tassels. It’s perfect for days when you’re looking to adding a little drama to your look. Go for long bright coloured tassels.


6.Belt: you can never say never to the use of a belt. Whether it’s to accentuate your waist of hold your jeans in place it something you need. You can never go wrong with a black belt.

7.The perfect manicure: it might sound strange to call your nails an accessory but if you think of its function when it comes to contributing to your look you’ll understand that there’s no other word to describe your nails. Bright nail art is a HUGE yes right now, so get out that creative cap.


8.Scarf: this is probably the most elegant way of transforming your outfit from boring to sassy. The great thing is that it can be worn in so many ways, either you tie it loosely around your neck or to your bag. Some woman can really be creative with it.


9.A killer wedge: you can never wear pumps everyday not unless you’re looking to be called gran. Wedges look great with formal skirts and skinny jeans. If you want to feel like a goddess slip on your wedge.

10.Black tights: you can never have enough tights, whether it summer or winter there’s always a use for it. Not forgetting the fact that it makes us look slimmer.

Thanks for reading loves hope you enjoyed this post, if you did please like and comment below.



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