A wedding is a beautiful event filled with laughter and happiness, it’s an occasion that brings together family and friends, it’s the day after your prom that you get to feel like a princess again so it’s important to look your best, which leaves us to a very stressful topic, choosing the correct wedding dress, choosing a wedding dress can be a daunting task but, with the right view point things should turn out perfectly fine. Here’s everything you need to know when to choosing the perfect wedding dress. First things first if you’re a bride to be and you’re freaking out take a deep breath in, and release you’re in good hands just keep the following in mind:


  • Set a budget: this is probably the most important thing you need to consider when choosing your gown. The moment you walk into a wedding gown parlour the saleslady’s going to come up to you and ask what’s your budget. The last thing you want is to fall in love with a gown you can’t afford and won’t let go off even if Angelina Jolie offers you a million dollars for it. In most cases the wedding gown costs around 15-20 percent of the budget. After you’ve paid for the dress it’s good to have an extra 5 percent in case of alterations and ironing.
  • Start looking early: the right time to start looking for gown would be several months before the wedding and I’m not talking five months before the big day I’m talking eight to nine months, where elaborate gowns are concerned it could take up to a year. If you’re having the gown custom made alternations will be a regular thing. You need to give your tailor time to work if you want your dress to look good.
  • Do enough research: choosing a wedding gown is like preparing for a test, there’s words regarding the waist and neckline you have to know, when you arrive at the dress shop you want to make the saleslady aware that you know you dresses and that she can’t take you for a ride by charging 10000 dollars for a dress that’s actually only worth 5000 dollars. Doing research will also make you aware of the different fabrics and styles wedding dresses come in. always save pictures you like so that you can find your dream dress.


  • Know your stops: gather information like addresses and phone numbers of all the stores you’d like to visit, phone in to check who designs their gowns and then research the designer to check if his/her work matches what you’re looking for. Most wedding gown parlours require you to make an appointment, if you decide to just show up you’ll be interrupting another bride to be and her fitting. Never shop when you’re in a rush, you most likely will make a decision you regret later and worst you might not get a refund. Go for fittings on weekends when you’re relaxed and your girlfriends are available. Please don’t shop till you drop, because you need time to think about every gown you see, when you’re exhausted you may end up making the wrong decision.
  • Take along the extras: if you have an accessory your grandmother or another special woman in your life presented to you and you feel you wedding would be the perfect day to wear it, then please take it along to the fitting. This is necessary if you want to get the embellishments to match with the pearl earring or if you want your comb to match the silk. Besides taking along items you want to wear on your wedding, take along your most honest friend or family member, the last thing you want is to take someone along who’ll tell you, you look slim in a balloon dress.
  • Be experimental: for every wedding dress parlour you visit the saleslady will bring out dresses that you don’t want to try on not because it’s ugly but rather because it doesn’t look good on the hanger but whatever you do don’t turn down the opportunity to try on a dress, most times a dress that looks good on the hanger won’t look as good on you and vice-versa. But if you don’t like a gown after trying it on never let the saleslady talk you into buying it.


So now that you know the basics let’s talk about the day of your actual fitting.

  1. Take the first appointment, the saying ‘‘the early bird catches the worm’’, is prevalent in this case. Normally having the earliest appointment means you get to try on any new gems that the store got delivered.
  2. Focus on what people will see first, having an amazingly long dress is great but remember the first thing your groom and guests will see is the front of your dress so you want the area above your waist and bust to stand out the most. Most wedding photos are taken from waist upwards so you might want to consider the above point carefully.
  3. Never focus on what’s trending, if you like a dress then it’s the one for you. Everyone has a dream dress in mind so the one that comes closest to that dress should be the right one.
  4. Focus on the detail, the front and back of the dress is usually the area brides like to have embellished with pearls and crystal or even an extra layer of lace. Some brides to be like to add an extra layer of raffles.
  5. Try on every dress even if it’s fifty, eventually you’ll find one that fits so well you won’t want to take it off. Every dress looks different on every body type and the hanger my dear ladies is not a body type so please don’t trust it’s judgement.
  6. Take two friends or family members only, having a large audience will confuse you and everyone will be looking for their dream dress in you. So there’s bound to be disagreements. Take someone who understands the process of choosing a dress. If you don’t have anyone to go along with you then going alone isn’t such a bad idea. When something looks good it makes you feel good so you’ll know when you’ve found the perfect dress.
  7. If you’re going to wear a certain bra on your wedding day I suggest you wear it to your fitting, this is necessary so that you look the same on your wedding as you did on the day of the fitting. When choosing your wedding bra go to a store that has a bra specialist so that when uncle Henry asks for a picture on your big day and you give him your hand your bra doesn’t lift and sit in an awkward position. Whatever you do don’t wear the bra you bought five years ago to your fitting.


8.Choose the correct accessories, once you’ve found the perfect gown it’s time to choose the accessories to go with it. most times the wedding gown parlour has accessories available, and remember that most times you can’t get a refund. The saleslady will probably tell you this after you’ve already purchased a champagne earring to go with a pink dress.

20170125_072305 - Copy - Copy

9.Never worry about the size, when it comes to wedding dresses the sizes doesn’t usually match the sizes of normal clothes. Focus on the fitting, if it fits that’s all that matters.

10.Take along a camera if the wedding parlour will allow it of course, if you’re not buying anything as yet it’s good to take a picture of every dress you try on. This is great so that when you go home you can study each dress and the way you look in it.

Thanks for reading loves, that’s pretty much all you need to know when choosing the most important dress of your life, I hope this post was of help, if so please comment below.




  1. Oh SO beautiful! I remember picking out my wedding dress and I was totally focused on what didn’t make me look fat. I so wish I could do it all over it again (but with the same man of course!). Wedding gowns are so magnificent!

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