2017’s Trending Hairstyles

2017 is a year of trends galore, the amount of hairstyles rocking this year has got to top the list of amazingness. Everything from braids to super straight to curly is making a comeback this year, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and prepare to be blown away with these hairmazing trends.

  • The braid that never fades: this year if you’re planning to leave things messy and carefree the best bet would be a braid, whether it’s all your hair that’s braided or simply a section it gives the impression of a soft modern look. It’s the perfect girl next door hairstyle.


  • Blonde buzzcuts: blonde is a form of expressing femininity, that the reason why everyone whose going for a buzzcuts is keeping things strictly blonde. If you’ve got a round face, then keep your crop longer at the top and if your face is long then you want to keep things short. If you’re going for this look, make sure your hair looks neat and shiny whatever you do avoid the messy dirty looking blonde.


  • Curls: big or small curls are rocking the red carpet from all angles, keeping your curls blonde seems to be the key this year.


  • Bangs: bangs (fringe) come in various shapes and sizes, all you have to do is find the right one for your face shape. Bangs can be a great means of making your face the focal point.


  • Ribbons: one of the most popular hair trends rocking the runway has been ribbons of all colours and shapes. It can either be used to hold your ponytail or as a bandana to keep your bangs (fringe) away from your face. Ribbons are seen as a way of expressing class and elegance in a hairstyle.


  • Super straight: remember that super straight look you totally nailed in high school and college, well it’s making a huge come back this year, so pulled out that GHD and heat it up because straight is the new fierce.


  • The modern bob: a bob is something that has always been a huge do when it comes to hairstyles, but this year the short back and longer sides is the bob to do. If you’re looking for a sophisticated hairdo this is the perfect choice.


  • Waves: creating waves on long hair is really a huge phenomenon amongst celebrities, it creates a fresh look that’s actually quite mesmerizing, if you’re going for this trend make sure your hair’s got golden tones.


Thanks for reading loves, I hope you all enjoyed this post and please do let me know if you’ve tried anything and how it all worked out.    


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