Beauty benefits of drinking water:

We all know water is good for our bodies but have you ever considered what it does when it comes to beauty. If not, then I hope this post will give you a whole new look on consuming enough H2O. so how much of water should you actually be drinking each day, if you’re thinking a glass will do then I suggest you multiply that thought by either 6 or 8 because according to medical research the average adult should drink 6-8 glasses of water. If you aren’t fond of the plain water taste throw in a slice of lemon or cucumber this will make things a little more exciting, not to mention the class it will add to your name at the office. According to stats women who add a slice of lemon or cucumber to their water are considered 3 times classier than those who don’t.


Here are six amazing beauty benefits of drinking enough water:

  • Strengthens nails: do you suffer from dry brittle nails that make you hide your hands in public, this is caused by dehydration. All you have to do is drink enough water, having a bottle of H2o on your desk while you work can be a great help it will be in your face so at some point of the day you’ll reach out to it. remember drinking enough water will make your nails look healthy, your cuticles won’t be dry and your nails will have a natural shine, you will also notice that your nail growth will increase dramatically.


  • Cures sunburns: no matter how much we may try to avoid the harsh rays of the sun at a day at the beach we’re bound to get sunburnt at some point in our lives. When you fall victim to sunburns don’t just reach out to all that Aloe-Vera formulas you got stocked away instead increase your water intake, this speeds up the healing process.


  • Reduces hair loss: lacking water in our bodies can lead to many health problems which can make our appearance not all that pleasing to the eye. Not having enough water can also cause hair loss so if you don’t want to end up losing your hair make sure you’re well hydrated.


  • Clears acne: acne is often the result of toxins in our bodies, drinking enough water flashes away these impurities and reduces acne. A good way to reduce acne would be to squeeze a slice of lemon in warm water before drinking it each morning.


  • Gives a natural glow: drinking enough water gives your skin a healthy fresh look. Most celebrities have testified to this natural way of looking radiant.


  • Fights wrinkles: drinking enough water won’t take away your wrinkles but it will help your skin maintain its elasticity which means the wrinkle appearing process will be prolonged.


Thanks for reading loves, that brings us to the end of today’s post I hope you all enjoyed these tips and if so please let me know in the comments box below.   



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