How High Is To High

Heels are definitely a huge part of a woman’s life but we often find ourselves in situations where we don’t really know whether those Jimmy Choo’s are way to, high. In some instances, we buy tons of heels only to find that we’ll never actually wear them because we simply can’t walk in them. Today’s post is meant to save you from spending a fortune on shoes you won’t actually wear and to give you the advice we all need, ‘‘How high is to high’’.

Here are the different types of shoes depending on your comfort levels:

download (3)

  • Shoe 1: ballet shoes these are exactly what the title suggests, flats. If you aren’t one to go high, then simply go low with flats. It’s comfortable and easy to walk in, but if it doesn’t match your closet then go for something with a slight heel. The good thing about these shoes is that their always in fashion.
  • Shoe 2: the little lift also known as the 1.5-inch heel. It has a feminine touch and at the same time it’s a practical shoe that allows you to move swiftly.
  • Shoes 3: The 2.5 inch, this heel is just enough to give you a graceful lift. This shoes are high but not the high that makes your heels ache all day. It’s perfect for the office. Most stylists consider it as the cute heel.
  • Shoe 4: The 3-inch heel, this is considered the classy height. Like the 2.5 inch it’s perfect for the office.
  • Shoe 5: The 4-inch heel is perfect for after work activities. It’s perfect to for evenings out and classy occasions.
  • Shoes 6: The 4.5-inch heel gives an elegant lift but gives the effect of a platform heel. Although it’s quite high it’s known as the manageable height.
  • Shoe 7: The 6-inch heel for many companies this is the highest heel. Most time we can’t walk in them but we buy then anyway. If you’re up for a challenge and you’re afraid of getting your legs in a knot go for it.


Now that you know the variety of heels in the market it’s time to earn how to walk in them.

  • if you’re wearing flats then it easy to put your entire foot on the ground at once, but if you’re wearing heels put your heel down first followed by your toes, this will make your walk look more natural.
  • Wearing heels automatically makes your steps look smaller, so to make things look normal take long strides.
  • Never talk shorter fast steps this makes you look like you’ve never wore heels before, instead take slow long steps, this tends to give an air of confidence.
  • Try not to look at your steps, instead focus on the point you want to reach, this will make you look a little more practised.
  • If you feel like you’re losing balance then simply add pressure to your toes to grip the shoe closer to your foot, this will help you balance.
  • This probably the most important point ever, if your knees bend when you’re wearing heels then it’s simply too high.

Thanks for reading loves I hope you all enjoyed this post, please like and follow. Until next time happy reading.  




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