#June 2017 Glamour magazine cover review

Hi loves thanks for reading, today I’m doing things a little different if you’re keeping up with the blog you’d probably know that this is the second post for today, however it’s very different compared to my other posts, because this is a magazine cover review, it’s a new segment that I’ll do every month. So let’s get straight into it.


Glamour magazine is probably one of the most popular woman’s magazines produced globally, it’s filled with everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and relationship advice. This month’s cover model is Mila Kunis, which is totally fab, she’s gorgeous. On the cover she’s seen wearing a denim shirt and bottoms which is very trendy at the moment, denims are regarded as the new black.

The titles are very catchy, there’s six main titles which is a great preview of what’s to expect on the inside. Everything’s pretty bold and eye catching, there’s twenty beauty tips which is quite a lot, there’s recommendations to outfits and of course an exclusive interview with Mila. Oh!!! And there’s competitions this is suggested by the huge WIN!!!

So all in all this cover is great very interesting and now that’s June most magazines are filled with the new seasons trends, as with the above magazine. Would I buy it or not, well if I said I wouldn’t I’d be lying because I have it next to me right now and it’s great. Not to mention the free mascara that came along with it. if you’re looking for a great magazine don’t hesitate to grab the new edition.

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