Five steps to the perfect smoky eye

The smoky is the most popular make-up application in history, I guess it’s because no women out there can resist the winged eyeliner and the smudgy looking shadow. Everyone from celebrities to your neighbour, mother, sister, best friend and probably even your grand has tried a smoky eye before. But you might find that this trending smoky eye is much more difficult to do by yourself. Watching YouTube video’s makes things look so simple but my word when we try it out………… well let’s just say things don’t always turn out to look as good as it did in the video itself. But I’ve come up with five simple steps to get your eyes from looking drab to fab.


Step 1: To a clean washed eyelid, and I’m saying this because many women out there apply make-up to oily skin, apply a cream concealer, this will give your eyelid a smooth clean finish for shadow application.

Step 2: using a pencil liner of your choice usually black, line your top lash line. Then using the same liner, line your bottom lash line and join the two at the end tip of your eye. Thereafter using a make-up brush or Q-tips smudge the two lines together. This step is very important so make sure you’ve done it correctly before going to the next.

Step 3: using either black, grey, dark green or brown sweep powdered shadow across your lid and into your crease. Blend the color in an outward motion until you get the smudgy look.

Step 4: use a neutral eyeshadow like ivory or if you’re looking for a glamourous look use a shimmery shade to dust over your brow bone.

Step 5: once you’re done with the above four steps, apply a coat of mascara wait for three minutes and apply a second coat.


Thanks for reading loves, I hope these five steps will chance the way you create that perfect smoky eye. If you’ve tried it and enjoyed this post please like and follow for more, until next time happy reading.  


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