Nail art hacks that will change your life

Nail art has become a global phenomenon amongst women all over the world, painting your nails a single tone of red might have been okay a few years ago, but the world has evolved to a time when patterns on your, nails are a must have. So to help you achieve the trending nail looks I’ve decided to share these amazing nail hacks that will change your life and the way you jazz up your nails forever.


  • French mani gone wrong: Have you ever gotten frustrated over your tips just not going your way, if you have forget starting over, instead reach for a glitter pen (can be found in a stationery store) and draw a line where white meets the pink. Then wait for a minute and finish with a top coat. Once you’ve tried this hack don’t be surprized if you find yourself messing your French manicure on purpose.


  • Heart me up: Nail art simply isn’t nail art without a few cute hearts, instead of trying to form a perfect heart use a toothpick to make two equal sized dots next to each other, then drag each of them downward until they meet. This method will ensure a perfect heart each time.


  • Stripy nails: stripy nails are always in and with it being so simple to create there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t try it. after your base coat has dried dip a fan brush into a color of your choice (but obviously not the color of your base coat) and brush horizontally across your nails, once dried repeat with a different color, finish with a clear coat.


  • Lace it up: if you ever feel that your French mani is way too simple grab a piece of lace and place it on your nail, using a color of your choice either dab or brush over some nail polish. The same method is used when trying to create the snake skin effect.

unnamed (1)

  • Polka dots: dots seem really simple but often we find that it can turn out quite thick, to avoid this annoying thick polka dots use a band aid, simply put it over your nail and brush over a color of your choice peel of to reveal the perfect dots.


Thanks for reading loves I hope you all enjoyed and benefited from this post and if so, feel free to comment, like and follow.         


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