Beauty benefits of tea

Tea is undoubtedly a very legendary drink with varieties to suit each personality type. Whether it’s green tea, or rooibos or maybe even chamomile tea the beauty benefits exist within their leaves. Here are 5 amazing beauty benefits of tea that will change your drinking habits forever.


  1. Tans skin: tanning is a process most woman adore however it isn’t always healthy for our skin, instead of spending a fortune on tans dip a sponge in black tea and run it over the area of skin you wish to tan, this will give you a sun kissed look and it won’t cause any harm to your, health. Please note that it can cause your skin to feel sticky if so wait an hour before rinsing with cold water, this will rid of the stickiness and help to lock in the color.
  2. Fights feet odour: Although many woman, don’t admit it, stinky feet can be a reality. If so simply soak your feet in a cool solution of boiled tea, the tannic acid will help reduce sweating and the funky smell, this is because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  3. Adds shine to dull hair: simply add three bags of either green or black tea to three cups of boiling water, leave overnight, be sure to wash your hair the night before as well. In the morning rinse your hair with this tea and leave for 30 minutes, then shampoo and condition. You will notice great results once your hair has dried this also helps to fasten hair growth.
  4. Reduces puffy eyes and lightens dark circles: once you’re done having your morning cup don’t throw away your tea bags instead place them over your puffy eyes, the caffeine will shrink the blood vessels and eventually you’ll notice your dark marks lightening.
  5. Soothes bites: at some point in our lives a bee or any other bug is bound to show us some love and when this happens it often results in stings and burns, to soothe bites place a cool chamomile tea bag on the affected area, this will clam your skin and reduce the bite size.


Thanks for reading loves I hope this post was of help, if you have any questions comment below, don’t forget to like and follow.


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