Kylie Lip Kit Review

My oh my, where do I even begin. The fact that Kylie’s lip kits were sold out the moment they released made me feel like I was a ghost roaming the earth because I didn’t have one, but finally after an extremely long wait I got my hands on these so called heaven on earth lip kits, and boy was I surprised when I open the lipstick, the smell. Whoa!!! I could’ve died, literally fell to the ground and just lay there until someone brave enough came into the room and got that horrible smelling thing out of there. But despite my horrible experience I remembered the saying, never judge a book by its cover, only this time it was more like never judge a lip kit by its smell. The moment I applied the formula on my lips it looked fine, and felt okay, pretty light actually, but then it hit me. After about 10 minutes my lips began to feel dry, as if someone were pulling it by the sides. I thought if I added some gloss to it the situation would improve, but I guess it was a dumb thought because it didn’t work. I wouldn’t recommend you spend your hard earned money on something that will only disappoint you to a level where you go into mild depression. The formula is very drying which is a very bad thing and the smell is horrible, I would definitely recommend you spend your money on another product, just because everyone has a Kylie lip kit doesn’t mean you should waste your money on one too. I’m really disappointed because these lip kit’s are not cheap and now I’m stuck with five and my sister one.

kylie lipsticks

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