Inspirational woman of instagram

‘‘modesty isn’t about hiding your body, it’s about revealing your dignity.’’ if you’ve been checking up on what’s happening around Instagram you’ll probably notice these four woman that’s inspiring the youth from around the globe. Their showing that beauty can be modest. Below are a few points of each woman and the way their taking over social media.

  1. Zukreat Nazar: Zukreat is a British make-up artist whose worked with many big names in the industry. She is also a huge You Tube sensation that’s established her own make-up brand ‘The Artist Of Makeup’ @aomcosmetics. Zukreat’s been the guest to many special events, London modest fashion week being one of them, she’s also appeared in the Asiana wedding edition magazine. Keep an eye out for what this modest beauty might have up her sleeve in future. The next time you’re looking for inspiration simply search @Zukreat on instagram or Zukreat on You Tube.



2. NabiilaBee: nabiilaBee is an amazing modest fashion icon, the Russian/Algerian beauty has not only established a large following on You Tube Nabiilabee she has also come up with an extremely well received Bee fashion line. The moment you type in hijab tutorials on you tube don’t be surprised if NabiilaBee is the first to come up, the next time you’re looking for vibrant inspiration search @NabiilaBee on instagram.



3. Habiba Da Silva: this young women who can be found on social media under the name @lifelongpercussion is truly an inspiration to woman of color, she recently established a hijab fashion line called ‘Skin’ that is focused on all races and skin tones. Habiba is also well know for her you tube channel where she does makeup and hijab DIY’s. lifelongpercussion on you tube 



4. Ruba Zai: You Tuber of the extremely popular Hijab hills, Ruba has taken the world by storm she recently reached a million followers on Instagram and remains to be one of the most popular modest icons in the world. The next time you’re looking for inspiration search @hijabhills.



Thanks for reading loves I hope you all enjoyed this post and if so please feel free to comment and like.   



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