8 makeup brushes and their uses

Make-up brushes is an essential need when it comes to make-up application, each brush is designed for a specific effect and not having the correct brush for the correct effect can result in your cat eye looking more like a busted eye. If you want the perfect finish you have got to do things right and getting these 8 makeup brushes would be a great start.


  1. Angled liner brush: if you’re looking to get the perfect cat eye then your best bet would be an angled liner brush, this will give you the control you need over liquid liners.


2. Flat eyeliner brush: if you love lining your lashline then having this brush would be a great idea, it’s great when using liquid, gel or cake eyeliners.


3. Round concealer brush: by sweeping this brush under your eyes you create a smooth clean finish that hides dark marks, it’s the perfect tool for concealer blending.


4. Blender brush: if you’re keen on creating the perfect smoky eye and you need something that blends well along the crease get yourself one of these miracle blender brushes.

blender brush


5. foundation brush: using this brush in a circular motion to blend foundation is the best thing you could do for any look, it creates a smooth even finish we all love in foundation application.


6. Fan brush: if you hate that shine on your face that appears after every hour then a fan brush is ideal for dusting powder over the shiny areas. It’s also great for sweeping away any shadow that falls on your cheeks whilst doing your eyes.

fan-close_large7. Bronzer brush: if you’re looking for that beautiful sun kissed effect this brush is bound to be your favourite of the lot, its great because it doesn’t leave obvious streaks, instead it creates that perfect sculpted look.


8.Angled eyebrow brush: this brush when paired with brow powder creates the perfect defined brow, it can also be used for shading and lining the lashline.


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