#July 2017 Harper’s Bazaar magazine cover review.

Hi loves thanks for reading, today I’m doing my first Harper’s Bazaar cover review. So let’s get straight into it.


For a magazine that celebrating their 150th anniversary I expected a more elaborate cover something that speaks of their journey, Gigi Hadid is an incredibly beautiful woman but in this cover the vivid pink eskimo look is so not cohesive in terms of what’s trending or when it comes to the magazines journey itself.

When it comes to the titles well, let’s just say it’s not all that appealing to the eye, everything’s either squashed or really spaced out. Take for example the titles on the left and then glance over to the right there’s just one title which is probably the only reason I’d buy the magazine, the words ‘the Gigi you don’t know’ makes me wonder what secretive life Gigi’s probably living, or maybe there’s something strange she finds pleasure in doing. Other than that I wouldn’t purchase the magazine.

What’s your views on the cover? Comment below.    


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