Which eye shadow you should be wearing to complement your eye color

Eye shadow is making a huge come back in 2017, we’ve seen some pretty bright colors on the red carpets from electric pinks and blues to vivid oranges and yellows, but we often find that what’s trending might not always look good on us, the same goes for these wild bright eye shadows, but today’s post is meant to help you make the right shadow choice depending on the color of your eyes.

Green eyes: if you thought blue eyes were the rarest eye color think again because it’s actually green. If you looking for a glamourous pop, then purple would be the ideal option. To an extra mesmerizing touch sweep some bronzer over your eyelid.


Blue eyes: blue eyes are all about creating a color explosion to do this go for bright colors like, orange, gold, browns, pinks and peaches. This eye color allows you quite a lot of freedom.


Hazel eyes: I got to tell you ladies that If you’re hazel eyed give yourself a pat on the back because you can wear pretty much any eye shadow color you want. From browns to whites any shade is likely to make your eyes pop.


Brown eyes: brown eyes go extremely well with green and blue shades but add a lit gold to complement them and make them pop.


This guide is meant to only inform you of which shadow color goes best with each eye color, however if you find that you look good in a certain shade then by all means go for it, because if you feel good wearing something it must be right, thanks for reading loves I hope you learnt something new and if you’ve tried anything please comment below, don’t forget to like and follow, until next time Happy Reading!!!



4 thoughts on “Which eye shadow you should be wearing to complement your eye color

  1. This makes me so happy because I’m a hazel! Yay! I’m not too experienced with makeup so it’s great to know that 💗🌸


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