Our make brushes are one of the things we use almost every day but how often do we clean them? Not as regularly as we should, each time we use our brushes the oil from our skin transfers to the bristles which is a bacteria haven. Have you ever noticed the patch that appears in your face powder or eye shadow, if you have then it’s a sign that you need to clean your brushes immediately! Avoid cleaning your make-up brushes and you might end up with infections that are very painful. Here are five easy steps to clean your make-up brushes and keep your skin safe from bacteria:

  1. Rinse the bristles: by rinsing them you’re loosening the make-up, keep it under running water for about 2 minutes but be careful not to go beyond the bristles or you’ll loosen the glue.


2. Add some soap: after adding a few drops of soap gently massage the brush against your palm, if you don’t have liquid soap shampoo will work just fine.


3. Rinse: after soaping your brushes run it under the water for a minute.


4. Squeeze: using your fingertips squeeze out the access water.


5. Let it dry: place your brush on a paper towel and leave overnight.


And there you have it ladies beautifully clean brushes, thanks for reading loves, don’t forget to like, comment and follow.


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