The most weird nail art trends I’ve seen this year

Whilst roaming through my Instagram I began to notice something pretty strange, I mean the popcorn and bunny nails are really cute and so are the rainbow ones but the other day I realized that nail art has gone through a very weird route, in fact some of these nail art looks made me quite scared. Did you know that fur is trending, and the dirty look, the one that we all experience when we’re removing our nail polish, oh and what about egg nails, Yup you read correct egg nails. I’m not quite sure I agree with all these trends, here are some pictures to justify my experience.


This is a very strange trend, gals go on to coat their nails up to 200 times, i mean seriously, talk about WASTING nail polish.


I think this one’s a little fascinating, i love nature but it’s not something i’d try to imitate on my nails.


This one really freaks me out, i mean why would someone want to look like a lioness or a furry creature, maybe it would be okay for halloween.




Well loves you’ve seen it for yourself, do you agree with any of these trends, and if so please let me know why and do share if you’ve seen anything weird or strange.


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