What your eyelashes say about you

Besides protecting your eyes from dirt and harmful substances, your eyelashes actually say a lot about you and your attitude. Here are some indications of what your eyelashes may say about you:

eyelash-extensions (1)

  • Rapid eyelash flutters: this can indicate frustration or disagreement.
  • Short lashes: this often indicates people that are less sensitive and not particularly good at problem solving.
  • Excessive blinking: this can indicate lies so if you’re planning to lie to someone don’t blink a lot.


  • Long lashes: this indicates that a person is sensitive and very imaginative.
  • Shiny eyes & long eyelashes: this indicates a very mysterious person who has the ability to make people feel good about themselves.
  • Slow blinking: this gives the impression of concentration and focus.
  • Thin lashes: this indicates someone who is lazy, sorry ladies!!!
  • Thick lashes: this indicates someone who is gentle and open minded.


Thanks for reading loves, I hope you all enjoyed this post and learnt something new, please note that the above points are according to an ancient Chinese study. Don’t forget to like and follow for more, until next time happy reading.


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