The best wedding hairstyles

So your wedding is coming up soon, in fact it’s a few months away, have you picked out your dress (how to choose the perfect wedding dress), bought your jewellery, booked a make-up artist and most importantly decided on a hair style, if you haven’t then you should probably start right now. There are tons of wedding hairstyles out there but, not all will suit you, today’s post it meant to narrow down your options and let you know exactly what’s trending and will ensure you look like a princess on your big day, below are 2017’s trending wedding hairstyles:

  • Royal fishtail up do: if you’re looking for a crown like finish but you aren’t the tiara type then this hairstyle is sure to make you look like princess.

braided updo6.jpg

  • Loose bun & bangs: this hairstyle is absolutely beautiful and it’s one of the most popular amongst brides, it allows your features to stand out and creates a perfect space to attach your veil.


  • Low pony tail: if you aren’t fond of up do’s and you’re more of a simple gal the low pony tail is perfect for you. It’s elegant and simple and allows you to show of your length.


  • Embellished royal up do: if you’re a glamourous bride and you’re fond of loads of attention this hairstyle is definitely the right one you.


  • Braided bun: if you love having your hair in a bun but you want something unique for the big day this braided bun id ideal for you.


There you have it ladies the top five trending wedding hairstyles of 2017, I hope you found this post of help and if so don’t forget to like, comment and follow for more, until next time loves, Happy Reading!!!


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