Mascara brushes and their shapes purpose

Throughout our life time each one of us have bought thousands of mascara’s, different brands, different colors and most importantly different brushes. But have you ever known just what each brush shape is for, did you know that each effect has its own brush. After reading today’s post you should know the different mascara brushes in the market and exactly what their brush shape is for.


  • The triangle brush: this brush was designed to create an elongated look and give your lashes a feline effect.

triangle brush

  • The comb brush: this brush was made for those with short, sparse hair. This brush is also great for someone with thin lashes, the comb passed through each hair to create a thick look.

cobb brush.jpeg

  • The pointed brush: the purpose of this brush is to create length to your lashes, the tip of this brush is used to coat the ends of your lashed to create a longer look.

pointed brush.jpg

  • The curved brush: this brush was made to curling your lashes, it allows you to curve your eyelash as you apply mascara.

curved brush.jpg


  • The ball brush: created for the hard to reach hairs and is ideal for the lower lash line.

round brush.jpg

  • The cone brush: this is best for your corner lashes the end of the brush is thin enough to ensure you are able to coat all hairs.


  • The inverted cone: this brush is designed such that the short bristles grab onto your roots widening as they reach the ends of your lashes this creates the effect of an eyelash with volume.

inverted cone brush.jpg

  • The bubble brush: this is used to lift you lashes, and is often done when trying to curl the hairs.


  • The rectangle brush: used to achieve volume and length, it’s meant to pull your lashes as you apply mascara so a long effect is created.

rectangle brush.jpg

  • The traditional brush: used for volume and fullness, this brush however does create a little clumping.

jumbo brush.jpg

  • The hourglass brush: this brush not only lifts your brush it creates volume, and is often used to create a false eyelash look.

hourglass brush.jpg

  •  The spiral brush: used for curling and volume, whilst curling your lashes this brush doesn’t deprive you off the volume the brush has to offer.

piral brush.png

  • The jumbo brush: this brush is used to thicken your lashes it also gives good volume to your lashes.


  • The skinny brush: this is often used for those with very small thin eyelashes, its ideal for hard to reach hairs and is perfect if you want to coat tour roots.


  • The customisable brush: used to create volume, the shape allows you better control for application.

customiable brush.jpg

  • The miniature brush: this is used to coat your bottom lashes. It perfect if you want every hair on your bottom lash line to be coated.


Well there you have it loves, the different mascara brushes and their uses, I hope you found this post of help and if so please comment below, don’t forget to like and follow for more awesome posts.


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