How to fight bad breath

We all love to look and feel good but, what about the way we smell? Studies have shown that about 67.78% of woman that look good actually have bad breath, Yikes. I mean that’s a harsh reality, whilst many women suffer from bad breath little take the time to actually look for remedies that work. Bad breath can not only lower your confidence level it can contribute to others developing a bad impression of you and that my loves is not a good thing, today’s post is filled with a few home remedies that won’t rip you off and will have your breath as fresh as mint.

Did you know that bad breath is actually caused by bacteria in the gums, which if not treated could lead to gum disease, amongst other reasons are smoking and eating junk food? It’s essential that we all brush twice a day and floss daily if not every two days, and don’t forget to clean you tongue because that’s the breathing place for bacteria. Below are tried and tested remedies to fight bad breath:

  • Water: drinking enough water prevents bad breath, it washes away food particles and acts as the best rinse. Be sure to drink enough water each day and to rinse after meals to avoid stuck food particles which will attract bacteria.


  • Fennel seed: according to Indian tradition chewing fennel seeds after meals prevents bad breath, these seed not only creates a pleasant but also aid digestion.


  • Mint: the most popular of them all, it’s a great anti-bacterial plant with a fresh smell no wonder it’s used in so many toothpastes, mouth washes, and even sweets, after meals pop in a mint sweet or if you don’t have any chew on a few mint leaves, this is guaranteed to have your breath smelling fresh.


  • Eat fruits: there can be no tastier way of getting rid of bad breath, fruits like water melon, apples, grapes and pears will have your breath smelling fresh and it might have those around you feeling a little hungry.


  • Orange rind: simply throw in a teaspoon of orange rind into a cup of water, let it sit overnight and rinse your month with it when you get up. The citrus smell will create a very pleasant smell.


Well that’s all for toady loves, I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you have any remedies of your own, please share them below.


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