5 Reasons why you must moisturize your skin

We all have certain things we do each morning like brushing our teeth and tidying our bed but what about your morning skin routine. Moisturizing your skin every morning should be an important part of your list. If you aren’t one to moisturize everyday take a look at this moisture benefits:

  • Using a moisturizer creates a natural shine to you face which is great for evening out blemishes and creating a hydrated look.


  • Having dry skin often gives rise to skin conditions like acne and rashes, but keeping it moisturized will ensure healthy skin.


  • Moisturizer fights wrinkles, that’s right ladies. Most moisturizers have a plump effect which helps to reduce the time you start to develop wrinkles, according to dermatologists people who moisturizer their skin will develop only a quarter of wrinkles as compared to someone with dry skin.


  • We all love to have hot showers occasionally but, it isn’t all that good for our skin, heat strips moisture so be sure to moisturize after you’ve had a hot shower.


  • Dry skin is more prone to skin cancer elements, using a moisturizer creates an extra layer of protection.


There you have it 5 reason to keep your skin moisturized, I hope you all benefitted from this post, if you have any tips please share them below, until next time loves Happy Reading!!!


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