Blasts from the past!!!

Remember those thin eyebrows, the BIG hair, and the extremely glossy lips. All of these beauty trends took the world by storm. Today’s post is meant to take you down the beauty memory lane I hope you enjoy it!!!

  • The neutral lip: this was totally the thing to do in the 1980’s, most celebrities couldn’t resist this trend.


  • Blue eyeliner: remember princess Diana the beautiful blonde, well she loved wearing blue eyeliner and many women from around the globe followed this trend in the late 1980’s.


  • Vivid red lips: red has always been known to enhance your beauty and when it came to the late 1980’s there was no holding back.


  • The big hair: the bigger the better is how this hair trend went it took the world by storm through the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.


  • Metallic eyeshadow: the late 1990’s was all about bold eyeshadow colors that made your eye’s pop, everybody loved this in fact it seems to be making its way back on the runway this year.


  • Pencil tin eyebrows: the thinner the better was how it was for eyebrows in the late 1990’s. filling in your brows was a NO DO!!!


  • Super gloss: the only thing woman did in the early 2000’s was eating and apply gloss to their lips, everything else was regarded as secondary.


Thanks so much for reading loves I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it brought back some memories, don’t forget to like and follow, until next time happy reading!!!


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