Berets are officially back in fashion

We know that berets are trending but what exactly is a beret, well it’s basically a soft flat hat that was insanely popular in the 19th century but not as a fashion item but rather as part of a navy or air force uniform. As the world of fashion progressed berets became popular on runways and soon enough celebrities began to rock the trend which lead to pretty much everyone owning one, but then the trend slowly started to fade, and it stayed that way for quite a while, but you know what they say, a good trend can’t sleep forever and so this year the beret has come back to life, making their way back on the runway and streets of the world.

Berets are great to keep your hair back and draw attention to your face, when wearing a beret be sure to wear light makeup so you don’t look too over done, if you’re planning on wearing a beret don’t contour your face instead go for a no makeup-makeup look that consists of only foundation and concealer application. Here are some celebrities who are awakening the beret trend.





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4 thoughts on “Berets are officially back in fashion

  1. Nice post. Like beret and flat cap (did a post recently on them). I’m a “chapeau” kinda girl. Straw hat, floppy hat, panama, fedora… I love them all. A hat brings so much oumph to an outfit. Nice reading you.

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