How to find the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone

We all love a good red lipstick but often woman tend to choose the wrong shade for their particular skin tone. Below are the different skin tones and lip colors that compliment them:

  • Very fair skin tone: this kind tends to be the one that burns very easily when trying to tan, go for lipsticks with blue or coral tones that will compliment your skin tone and prevent you from having a washed out look.


  • Fair skin: this skin type also has the tendency to burn easily when tanning, and very rarely doe the tan be successful. Go for blue and red tones this will ensure your lips get the perfect pop.


  • Olive skin: this skin tan always and very rarely burns, go for orange and coral tones.


  • Medium skin: this skin type like olive always tans, go for coral and plum tones.
  • Dark skin: tans extremely easy, go for deep reds that are dark and bold.


  • Darker skin: this skin type never burns, go for bright reds that make your lips pop with color.

I hope you all benefitted from this post and learnt something new, thanks for reading loves, don’t forget to like and follow for more, until next time happy reading.


4 thoughts on “How to find the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone

  1. Great article. The shade of red that one choose to wear is so important. Because some shades of red make me look like a clown while other shades just make me look classy. Great article. Very interesting

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